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Our Story

In the glimmer of Dew journey, we inherit the mark of the years, the beauty of the time solidified into each jewel.

Every gem is a picturesque mark of time, and every chain is the weave of history. In Deeew’s workshop, arts and crafts blend with each other, polishing a series of intoxicating retro style jewelry, which is a kind of precipitation of time, a gift of time.

We believe that everyone has their own story, just like every gem has its own traces, these traces record the changes of the years, but also carries the life memory of each wearer, this depth of the pursuit of time unique experience, so that Deeew jewelry is full of charm and story.

Retro beauty

Every piece of Deeew jewelry is a tribute to the golden age of the past.

Environmentally Responsible

The material is made of pure natural environmental protection material.

Time maker

DEEEW has always pursued the imprint of time.